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Mascara uses about three months or so should be replaced

1. Black/Brown mascara and use

Mascara color mixing, makeup artists are common. "Eyelash roots to put blackthree-fourths, remainder of James Brown, so lashes look natural abundanceand long, slender. ”
2. use a variety of mascara
Different types of mascara, each with its own characteristics, to performperfect Eyelash effect, sometimes it takes two or three types of mascara ormore. "Lashes on the Middle, the direct use of Eyelash brush applicator.Lower lashes with a brush and apply a thin layer of mascara. Finally, fillthe remaining lashes one by one carefully. ”
3. painted lower lashes, suitable to use makeup brushes instead of Eyelashbrush
Perfect paint eyelashes, it would be harder than drawing fine eyeliner.Painted lower lashes, suitable to use makeup brushes instead of Eyelashbrush.
5 kinds of beauty and talent makes the odd mistake
1. the mascara coated more than 3 times
Form if you do not want eyelashes, mascara coated 2 times is enough. In General, apply 2 times you can deduce the best results.
2. pull out Eyelash brush into the
Entering into the air during the process, easy to make mascara hardening.Hardening of the mascara, eyelashes easier coalescence, floating powderseriously.
3. buy mascara, always used to harden before
If you forget your mascara when I bought it, and recommend the use of theterm is over, immediately throw it away. Mascara, a variety of bacteria, cancause ocular itching, redness, eye, etc. Mascara is generally used for aperiod of 3 months.
4. starting from lashes mascara
Mascara is not used for a long time, and a coating will melt, then smearerrors is very high. Use Eyelash mascara brush larger warp type, possibilityas high as 99%. This is because the short lashes, Eyelash brush met Eyelashroot, directly from the middle of lashes coated. Remember, when applyingmascara, be sure to paint from the bottom up.
5. a beginning to mascara to paint too thick
Eyelashes is not transferred to the best, once painted too much mascara,easy to get dirty. When it started to paint, to gently sweeping gestures ontouch, apply only when this stress wave again.

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