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Four beautifully detailed makeup without leaving any traces

Cleansing steps:

1, take appropriate amount of cleansing milk, cotton or fingertips evenly onthe face, neck and massage in a circular manner.
2, to spiral from outside to inside to touch your nose to remove neckFoundation to clean from the bottom upwards.
NET 3, using paper towels or a cotton swab until the tissue paper or cottonwithout foundation color on so far.
2, remover, and then wash your face with a mild cleanser and toner for theskin to do final cleanup and balance the skin's PH value. In the selectionof products, it is best to use products of the same brand.
2, sensitive skin cleansing products should be used carefully, preferablydoes not contain alcohol, flavoring, colorings, chemical composition, andmild cleansing products and makeup should not be too long. 3. when using acotton makeup remover and cotton pads can be folded in half twice, and wipeout side and back to a clean side so that pads can be reused many times,saves a cotton pad and remind themselves discharged more than once makeup.
Choose special eye makeup remover products
If you're a regular makeup, be sure to use eye dedicated liquid latex toremove eye makeup, especially eyeliner and mascara, and don't let thecosmetic pigments penetrate into the eye or eyes look appears a blackcircle.
Cleansing steps:
1, if you are not using waterproof mascara, it can use a cotton pad orcotton pads dipped in special makeup remover for eyes and lips, eye pressfor 3 seconds, was fully dissolved by eye makeup, and then follow thetexture of the eyelids, his right eye in a clockwise, counter-clockwisedirection in the left eye clean.
2, when you remove waterproof mascara, first Kleenex or cotton pads cut intostrips with scissors, and then use the swab dipped in remover, stays in theroot of the eyelash gently for 5 seconds, and finally along the lashes fromthe upper and lower clean up. Eyeliner under the lower lashes and usedcotton swab, dipped in eye makeup remover do local clean.
Insider tips:
1, people who wear contact lenses or eye allergies, be sure to choose themild but does not stimulate the cleansing liquid; 2, using water and oilwhen double special makeup remover for eyes and lips, be sure to shake wellbefore using.
Lipstick milk make-up Remover suited
The thin skin of the lips, vulnerable, but if you don't pay attention tomakeup or Remover is not complete, can cause harmful substances in sediment,resulting in lip lines and lip color to deepen. Liquid lip at the finalclear lip makeup should be used, when cleaning this product does not hurtthe skin, enhances skin resilience and calms the skin. Milk make-up Removerfluid nature generally more moderate, the most suitable eye and lip makeup remover.
Cleansing steps:
1, use cotton pads dipped in special makeup remover for eyes and lips, applylip for a few seconds, and after makeup remover to dissolve, such aslipstick, again by a cotton lateral polished lip.
2, still stained with makeup remover in the cotton from the corner of his mouth and began to wipe, wipe the corners of the mouth to the attention of the direction is inward turning.
Intimate Note:
Makeup should use lip balm protective lip to avoid lip wrinkles deepen. Canalso be wet with moisturizing lotion or moisturizing liquid cotton on thelip, some minutes.
Eyebrow makeup small steps cannot be omitted
Eyebrow makeup method is relatively simple, using makeup remover watercotton swab to gently wipe.
Do not omit this step because it is simple, if eyebrow powder has not beencleaned, is likely where you remove facial makeup was to infiltrate insidethe pores, resulting in clogged pores.

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