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How to identify your skin tones and choose the right Foundation color

Foundation make-up product in three colors

Foundation make-up product is generally divided into three types of color: "the cool", "natural colours" and "warm". It is likely that your skin in between two tones, such as "the warm tones of nature." In order to give you a better choice product for the skin, we spoke with Greenberg, lists the method how to find your skin tone.
Note that these rules apply to all skin tones, whether your skin is white or black. And remember, if you can't tell yourself, where you can go to a professional makeup artist do a skin analysis. Cool complexion of the crowd, the skin will show a slight shades of pink, red, or blue.
"Cool colors" color features:
① wrist veins are blue or purple;
② Silver jewelry more lined than the golden colour;
③ in the Sun and your skin is blue.
Natural tone colour crowd, the skin does not turn pink, red, blue or yellow, gold, pink, but somewhere in between.
"Natural colours" colour features:
① wrist veins are blue-green;
② whether it is silver jewelry and gold jewelry are lining your skin;
③ in the Sun and your skin is green.
Warm complexion of the crowd, the skin will show a slight yellow, Golden or pink colors.
"Warm" colour features:
① wrist blood vessels are light green or olive;
② Golden jewelry more than a silver lining to your skin;
③ in the Sun and your skin is pale yellow.
Now, you already know your skin tone, you can narrow your selection. If you try makeup products in the Mall, Greenberg these 3 tips can help you.
1 first prepare
Before using any product, Exfoliating and moisturizing. "Wash away the dead skin cells on the skin, can it be honest with the other color," Greenberg said. "If your skin is sweaty or not thoroughly cleaned, then colour is not exactly show! ”
2: tested in a good light
Ensure that tested the Foundation product of good lighting conditions. It is best to test in one place, under different lighting conditions and then to another test to see if it still suit your complexion. In the test should be wearing a white dress, because the other colors will change the color of your skin. Greenberg warned that the Foundation products for you don't want to change the color of your skin. "Do not want a white, choose your skin white Foundation, the best method is to select colour plastic, if you think skin color white, can be coated with a bit of bronzer or blush," she said.
3: target the most common colour choose suitable products
You need to take into account is on the three parts of the body: the face, neck and neckline exposed--Greenberg pointed out that the three parts of color may differ. "Your neck should be the most natural color, but due to the prolonged exposure to the Sun cause inferior, face and neckline are generally darker than the neck," she said. Since it is so, Greenberg recommends taking into account as far as possible in selecting products most commonly seen on parts of the body color, then apply on face and neck, so that your skin will look very uniform.

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