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The concealer you don't know 10 things

Before the liquid Foundation

About concealer Foundation before or after the argument has already existedfor a long time, but we recommend that use it before Foundation. Spots ordark circles with concealer cover then use liquid Foundation can helpFoundation is more docile and smooth.
Green concealer for?
Used to adjust the color concealer will have different colors, greenconcealer can hide your facial redness of the skin such as scars or pimples.Green concealer to cover up acne is better, but do not use green concealerin dark part of the face, such as dark circles, would be counterproductive.
Yellow concealer for?
Yellow concealer can adjust the overall skin tone, so you need to adjust thearea of the face. Yellow concealer is the most generic, Concealer for dailybasis needs of girls.
Concealer for pink?
Like a green concealer to cover the redness of the skin is better, and dullpink or purple skin, dark circles or acne scars. If you have severe darkcircles or pock, pink concealer can help you out.
Combined with loose powder
Especially in the eyes, loose powder over the concealer can help fixconcealer and more even skin tone. Select the delicate translucent loosepowder, swept gently with a paint smear parts of good concealer.
A concealer lighter
Concealer Foundation slightly lighter color than yours, if you applyconcealer on dark or redness of the skin, and then went on to paint othermakeup products, it can make skin tone more even. But be careful not to gettoo light (too dark), Concealer, coated finish after subsequent makeup, thatconcealer is obviously there.
When the primer with concealer
Wanted eye shadow to stay mad all night don't spend at all makeup, nothingbetter than to apply a eye base works. Concealer for lasting good and foryour eye shadow to create the basis for a smooth and easy on the makeup,apply eye concealer base eyelids winner will be more colour. Concealer canalso be used on your lips when your lip color is darker, then concealerfirst and then apply lipstick, lipstick colors can completely present inyour lips.
With a sponge
For concealer makeup is more uniform, the Concealer under the eyes point 4--5 point. Then use makeup sponges (teardrop-shaped to fit around the eye),gently dip the concealer makes it more evenly on the skin, so wear concealerfor a uniform, and you don't have wrinkles.

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