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Apply BB cream makeup Troubleshooting Manual

BB cream the smear method is?

Without meticulous, light painting completed!
Texture and light, there is no need for attention like a liquid Foundationshade shadow. There is no loose powder, easy and convenient. Oppositeeffects of both before making up milk, therefore need to be applied to theminor positions.
Lasting effect, completely hides pores and uneven. Maquillage Perfect MultiBase BB SPF30 · PA++/Shiseido
1. There will be squeezed in the hand behind the BB creams, fingertip dippeda little, like points on the face.
2. to 1 BB cream and apply to the face at will to the lateral extension. Useon the face as a whole pushes the Palm to prevent uneven colour.
3. use finger paint nose, eyes, and lips and other minor parts. Component is not enough to talk about the right amount and then dipped in some.

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