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Too much Foundation to choose a light skin

Makeup, absolutely essential foundation, a makeup for success, and selectionand use of foundations is a large part of, but then again the Foundation doyou know?

Choose a light skin too much Foundation
The so-called "three ugly white cover" when many women buy Foundation woulddeliberately choose relatively own skinned once Foundation. This will makeskin tones look unnatural, might cause a facial skin tones with the otherparts of the body fit, so try to choose "integration" Foundation that yourskin tone.
Do not use primer
Repeatedly stressed that before applying your makeup apply primer. Base islike a layer of protective film Foundation in addition to avoid directcontact with skin can make skin more supple, more powder, less oily, morelasting foundation.
Tips: If you are dry lines after each powder pores present or oily after afew hours, do not hesitate, do not hesitate to choose a team to their base.
Should be completely coated with Foundation
Tips: Please make sure you apply Foundation evenly swept away, as well asnatural a part of your skin, or else it will appear "tart tart".
Must be coated with flour
Flour is a fix, but use vary. If you whisk flour skin changes too dry, you can reduce meal portions; if there is a dry issue, you might consider notwhisk flour.
Tips: don't want to whisk flour, I would recommend selection of refreshingtexture of liquid Foundation, minus the step of flour, or only in t-positiongently sweep up on easy oil.
Beauty channel small make up tips: Foundation does not have to paint faceson every corner, where it is needed can only sweep in, for example, aroundthe nose, eyes, Tsui point or need to be modified.
In addition to the considerations described above, your makeup and stilldon't make the following mistakes:
Ignore the Chin and neck
Before you buy a Foundation, the Foundation should first be applied to theChin area, and then stood in a place of natural light, with a mirror shineeffect. Mindful of the Foundation thoroughly evenly around the jawline andneck must have a light coating of nature.
Wrinkles hide
Some people thought there were wrinkles around the eyes and mouth of thepaint on a thick Foundation to cover wrinkles, but will, in fact, the CCRAmade a shortage of motivated because Foundation will accumulate in thewrinkles, but highlights the wrinkles and make you look old! Therefore,coated with transparent shades of makeup effect is better.

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