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Hand don't use Foundation teaches you to play makeup tips

Good foundation natural, thin, with a good concealer and skin care function.Today share more than just the benefits, as well as to correct anymisunderstanding about it. When you look at the Foundation, and have youmade these mistakes?

1. don't ever try hand at TU Foundation, this is a woman around the worldmake mistakes. Foundation is painted on your cheeks instead of on your arm,both part of the thickness of the skin and subcutaneous fat are different,Foundation texture is completely different, so we can't go wrong anymore.
2. does not have any type of makeup for you all year round use. You musthave at least two different shades of Foundation with your skin tone changesto reconcile, to deal with the ever-changing color of your skin.
3. light concealer can make your weaknesses more apparent, many women preferto use a light concealer to cover dark circles, but most will disappointyou, not because the product is not good enough, but we must learn to useand your skin tone.
4. fear of makeup: lots of girls afraid of Foundation block the pores, butkeep in mind that today almost all major brands of Foundation with theskincare function, no need to worry about skin damage, instead of externalcontamination and environmental damage to your skin completely beyond yourimagination.
5. powder has a protective function of skin, female bodyguard. A woman witha beautiful face powder makeup look very sexy, in my opinion. That casuallook happy and it shows a woman and women's capacity for self alone. Whetheryou're professional, will instantly become smooth against your skin! As ifreborn! Its appearance is a liberator of women. Likewise powder tones andtone of your skin can be.
Believe that when most people make up such a confusion--that is toFoundation on the face or wear layer mask, or is the skin appears to haveseriously dry lines and even a noticeable explosion phenomena. But wepresented those above are wrong use of Foundation used to solve theseproblems, we invite the professional makeup artists to give our makeup tips.
Q: how to avoid dry skin when Foundation can aggravate the explosivephenomenon of skin wrinkles?
A: skin burst skin wrinkles, mainly skin too thick, therefore, only removethe old dead skin cells can be smooth and tender skin. All suggest thatmembers should regularly exfoliate while water is also very important, onlyhydrating the skin enough to get after you create the Foundation of flawlessresults.
Workaround: before the Foundation highly rub moisturizing lotion, fullmassage skin absorption. Apply liquid Foundation evenly with your fingers orthe Palm, because the texture of the fingers and the Palm closest to theskin of the face, so none of the foundation fit the skin.
Q: your skin is too dry, fear of wrinkles aggravate, does that mean withplaying Foundation would not loose powder makeup?
A: this is actually a lot of misconceptions, think made liquid Foundation ifyour skin is very dry, without makeup, this is wrong. Can not fix any timesoon, but makeup lasts for a long time, then it is easy to spend. You canchoose translucent loose powder (not the loose powder concealer with effect)to fix, so you can avoid adding dry lines and also can make makeup last longer.
Q: How do I fix make makeup last longer? What tools do you use?
A: fix commonly used tools are puff and powder brush. The former is more forpersonal use, which is more professional. Propose to use large powder brushmakeup is better distributed, the skin looks more clear. Since people who are not professional can't help puff dip powder consumption, is very easy tocreate thick, natural makeup looks natural enough.
How: use a big powder brush dipped apply loose powder, gently shake thebrush, playing off the excess powder, and then along the skin texture tosweep the entire face. To look in the mirror to see your face matte feel is appropriate. To makeup more permanent, you can then press the full face witha powder puff, powder brush to sweep all over again.

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